The diamond saw blades can be used to cut tiles, ceramics, granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, and many other building materials. Besides what are listed below, sintered diamond blades, particularly their diamond segments (their cutting edges), can have many styles. 

diamond blade is composed of two fundamental elements: a steel plate and the diamond-impregnated segments. The steel plate is of very high quality, treated, hardened steel. The segments contain a mixture of diamonds and metal powder. During the manufacturing process, the metal powder and diamond mixture is compressed at a very high temperature in order to obtain a solid metal alloy which holds the diamond.

We can make all kinds of sizes and quality  of diamond blades for cutting granite, marble, concrete and other industrial materials.

  • High quality discs ideal for dry cutting ceramics, marble, thin granites and most common construction materials
  • No water required
  • Segmented design for better cutting
  • High density of diamonds

The diamond blades have two types: Stone cutting disc and road cutting disc.   

  1. Stone cutting blade. It is widely used for cutting block, plate.  Features:Stable cutting, long service life, good cutting effect, and high efficiency.
  2. The road cutting blade. It is mainly used for cutting different kinds of concrete (new concrete, old concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.) and asphalt pavement.
111 Stone cutting disc Φ:300,500,400,450,500,
222 Road cutting disc  Φ: 300,500,400,450,500,


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