Diamond Cutting Heads, Diamond segment for granite cutting, marble cutting, basalt cutting , sandstone cutting. The diamond segment can be produced as a separate product. It can be welded  onto the body of the blade to form the complete diamond saw blade. 

Diamond Cutting Heads,Diamond segments used on large diamond circular saw blades or diamond gang saws for cutting stones can be layered and have some non-working layers separating the working layers. The working layers contain the common materials of diamond segments, including diamonds and metal bonding materials, while the non-working layers are usually made of metal powders.  Diamond segments can be made to be various shapes, including rectangular, tapered, step-shaped, and some other shapes. The shape of the diamond segment influence the diamond blade’s cutting efficiency, capabilities of containing and discharging sawdust, and the cooling and lubricating conditions.


  • Blade diameter: 250mm-3000mm
  • Core thickness: 1.8/2.0-10mm
  • Long life using and good price
  • Can supply the custom made according to your requirements.


Diamond Blade Diameter

Diamond Segments Size (L*W*H) 

Core Thickness Pcs/set
250mm 40*2.5*8/10mm 1.8/2.0mm 18pcs/set
300mm 40*3.0*8/10mm 1.8/2.2/2.4mm 21pcs/set
350mm 40*3.0*8/10mm 1.8/2.2/2.4mm 24pcs/set
400mm 40*3.4*12mm 2.2/2.6/2.8mm 28pcs/set
450mm 40*4.0*8/10mm 2.5/2.8/3.3mm 32pcs/set
500mm 40*4.2*8/10mm 3.0/3.3mm 36pcs/set
550mm 40*4.2*8/10mm 2.8/3.5mm 38pcs/set
600mm 40*4.6*8/10mm 2.8/3.5mm 42pcs/set
700mm 40*5.0*8/10mm 3.6/4.0mm 50pcs/set
800mm 24*7*13mm 4.5mm 58pcs/set
900mm 24*7*13mm 5.0mm 64pcs/set
1000mm 24*7*13mm 5.5mm 70pcs/set
1100mm 24*7*13mm 5.5mm 74pcs/set
1200mm 24*6.5/7.5*12mm 5.5mm 80pcs/set
1300mm 24*9*13mm 6.0mm 88pcs/set
1400mm 24*9*13mm 6.5mm 96pcs/set
1600mm 24*8.0/8.5*14mm 6.5mm 108pcs/set
1800mm 24*10.8*13mm 7.0mm 120pcs/set
2000mm 24*10.8*13mm 8.0mm 128pcs/set
2200mm 24*11*13mm 8.5mm 136pcs/set
2500mm 24*11*13mm 9.5mm 140pcs/set
3000mm 24*11*13mm 10mm 160pcs/set
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