The PDC pick may be the cutting aspect in mining machines and heading machines utilized in cutting coal beds and connected rock/clog. The primary performance problem for PDC picks are their put on resistance. To create a significant improvement PDC pick performance needs a fundamental alternation in their composition.

pdc picks

YEBOX’s R&D efforts have led to the introduction of the brand new YEBOX PDC PDC pick. By utilizing PDC tips rather than carbide tips, these PDC picks acquire a significant boost the put on resistance. The existence of PDC picks during these programs could be 10 occasions longer compared to conventional tungsten carbide picks. A vital aspect of the lengthy existence from the YEBOX PDC PDC pick is using a gemstone-heavy-laden protection layer round the PDC pick tip. This safeguards the pick body against put on and extends the pick-body existence to take advantage of the PDC pick tip.

YEBOX PDC PDC picks could be broadly used in most kinds of mining machines, heading machines, continuous miners and other alike machines and programs. Mining equipment outfitted with YEBOX PDC PDC picks achieve much greater efficiency because of the decrease in down time for pick alternative. This gives a substantial rise in the efficiency from the mining operation, and measurably lower costs.


  • To make use of PDC place as pick tips.
  • Appropriate for an array of coal and other alike mining / mineral programs.
  •  PDC picks mix the hardness and abrasion resistance of gemstone using the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, which greatly increase put on resistance of pick and prolong pick‘s existence.

This kind of PDC pick has excellent wear-ability and gauge protection, and it has a long useful life. Usually, its useful life is 3 times up at least than the CARBIDE pick. This kind of pick can reduce the replacing frequency, improve the development efficiency, and it can be widely used for mining. We will complete test it before the shipment, the rock strata is limestone(with little quartz), the hardness class is 7~8. After 126 working hours, the useful life of the PDC pick is 6 times up than the CARBIDE pick.

 PDC Picks Size D L l1
U76 25 129 64
U82 30 152 80
U84 30 142 70
U85 35 160 84
U92 35 196 102
U94 35 184 90
U95 35 180 86
U135 38 159 85
U170 43 233 103
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