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rack server design

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The rack server is designed to fit an open personal computer available in the closed cabinet. Users of this server can save the tremendous amount of space and take advantage of the user-friendly nature. They confidently use and recommend this server to others because the maximum security.  They keep the rack server inside the cabinet to reap benefits from an additional layer of protection from loads of elements like climates, dust, pests and accidents.

Difference between server case and computer case

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What is a server chassis? Does it function the same as a computer? I believe that many people have such confusion. This is just because everyone does not know enough about the server chassis to produce such misunderstandings and vague concepts of the server chassis. Next, I will give you a comprehensive explanation of the server chassis knowledge, so that you can better help you choose a server chassis in the future.

Difference between server case and home computer
Compared with the limitations of home computers, the server case is more for large and small enterprises and personal work. Its task is to provide users with the right to access the server from the terminal anytime, anywhere, conveniently, and effectively and timely transfer relevant information. And access to public resources. When it comes to the server, everyone usually thinks about its ultra-high-speed information transmission function, but not only that, its greater role is that it can stably transmit information and protect information. Home computers are mostly used for simple operation and entertainment at home.

Server case size
Many people think that the size of the server chassis will be very large because of its superficial meaning, because the information it has is very large, but this is not the case. First, a server chassis must be able to fit into the cabinet in which it is placed. The standard cabinet specification is 482.6 mm. The corresponding width of the server case can be installed in the cabinet. Generally, the width is 17 inches. The height of the chassis is mentioned here. Generally, the height of the chassis is U, and a unit U is equivalent to 44.5 mm. The height of the chassis varies from 1U to 4U.

Server Chassis LEDs
Front LED: Description from left to right, the first LED is to display the power; the second LED is the hard disk LED; the third and fourth LEDs are to show the working status, general server The motherboard is equipped with dual network cards, and these two lights can directly visually observe the working process and status of the two network cards. The fifth indicator is a fan fault light. When the fan in the server chassis fails to run due to a failure When the indicator light is on, it will remind you; the indicator light is a power failure indicator. When this light is on, it means to replace the power supply.

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